YIHUA 939D-II Pyrography Station Wood-Burning Kit with 2 Wood Burning Pens

main unit+power cord

Thermostaic pyrography pen and Temperature adjustable pyrography pen

pyrography pen holders+sponge

pyrography nibs*20+pyrography tips storage tin

cross screwdriver

  • 2 IN 1 – The 939D-II comes with Pen 1 - Detailer pen (small wire-nibs) and Pen 2 - Standard wood-burning pen (solid tips), and you can use two different types of tips individually or simultaneously for your work to save time. You can use Pen 1- the detailer with wire-nibs for fine details, shading & thin lines. Pen 2 - The standard pen comes temperature stabilization function to help you with consistent shading and outlining.

  • Higher Temperature Range – You can adjust the station's temperature setting easily with the adjustment knob and the station heats up quickly. You can set Pen 1 from 250~750°C, and Pen 2 from 200~480°C to burn on materials like wood, leather, cork, pumpkin, gourd, plastic, or use the hot-knife tip to carve Styrofoam, soft plastics, paper, synthetic fabrics, and more. [Add water to the cleaning sponge we included and cool the tips down quickly.]

  • Precision for Your Work – Pen 2 comes with temperature stabilization to provide consistent heating; this effectively prevents damaging the wood by overheating and makes each stroke of burn's color more consistent. It has a digital temperature read-out, so you don't have to guess the pen's temperature. Pen 1 comes with a temp dial map for easy reference. The color of the burn may vary due to different densities of wood. Set the temp at a higher value when the color of the burn is too light.

  • Optimal Space-Saving & Heat Resistant Design

    Both Pen 1 and 2 come wrapped with our ergonomic-grips to improve handling, and the pen's handle is highly heat-resistant to prevent the risk of over-heating & melting. You can store Pen 1 and 2 securely together in our 2-in-1 pen holder (100% made with heat-resistant materials). You can better organize your table space with a singular integrated holder without the mess of two separate holders.



939D II

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