WEP862BD+ 2 in1 hot air heat gun soldering iron SMD rework station

* main unit + gun + power cord
* guide
* soldering iron
* soldering iron holder
* 4 nozzles


Product features:

1.Celsius/Fahrenheit Display Temperature Function: To satisfy market demand in different regions, the Company has designed a temperature display mode.

2.The air gun/soldering iron features -50℃ to +50℃ temperature compensation

3.The air gun features manual/automatic work mode conversion

4.The soldering iron features a sleep function that can be set from 0-99 minutes

5.Greater air volume adjustment convenience with an hot air gun adjustment range of 20-80.

6.Temperature controls utilize core technology, adopting microprocessor-PID programming for high-speed 100ms real-time

tracking of air gun outlet temperatures and soldering iron tip temperatures, with real-time calibration! Outlet temperatures are extremely stable.

7. Soldering iron handle wire employs a high-temperature silicone wire

(undamaged when 300o soldering tip contacts silicone wire for 30 seconds); the heating element employs an imported high-power heating element for fast temperature compensation, particularly suitable for desoldering crude terminals, large joints, and difficult to reach spots, not to mention general solder joint desoldering.


Goods data Specification

Power consumption 720W
Measurement 124*187*249mm
Working environment 0~50°C
Storage environment -20-80°C

Hot Air Reworks
Airflow type brushless fan gentle wind
Aiflow ≤120L/min
Temperature range 100°C-480°C
Temperature Stability ±1°C
Display Type Digital display
Handle length ≥100CM

Soldering Iron

Temperature range 200°C-480°C
Temperature Stability ±1°C
Tip of ground voltage <2mV
Tip ground impedance <2 ohm
Display Type Digital display
Handle length ≥100CM
Iron heater material Imported high-power heater

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