3in1 function WEP 992DA + upgrade version bga rework station
* main unit + gun + power cord
* guide
* soldering iron handle with smoke absorber
* soldering iron holder +gun frame+ clean sponge
* 5 nozzles+ 10pcs smoke absorber sponge
*1 pcs IC pick-up


1. -50 °C to +50 °C temperature compensation function

2. 0-99 minutes sleep time setting function

3. Fahrenheit / Celsius temperature conversion functions.

4. Manual / automatic mode switching function

5. Soldering iron has suction smoke function, we'd never have to worry about the smoke generated by the soldering iron.

6. High temperature automatic protection and alarm functions

7. The air gun has automatic detection, protection, alarm function, and more comprehensive protection for product safety and reliability.

8, The air gun steel tube use stainless steel tube, the air gun handle lines and soldering iron handle lines are silicone wire, high temperature, you can use for a long time.

9. All functions data setting is automatically saved, without duplication.

16. The new memory automatically identify and restore to factory data.

10.  3 in 1 repairing station the combines Hot Air Rework Gun with a Soldering Iron and a Smoke Absorber

11. Additional function

a).Add to three storage sections CH1/CH2/CH3, each storage segment can store

all the features of the current machine (eg:airflow, temperature,air gun manual/

automatic mode, iron sleep time, temperature correction ...... which is currently on

display all function values can be stored), you can quickly switch between each

storage segment.

b).Airflow adjustment knob add to cool/hot air function ,through the knob at entry /

press out the implementation.Cool air is not heated wind, can be used to cool

components (such as circuit boards, components, etc.) temperatures.  

Technical Data

Power consumption 720W
Soldering Iron Temperature range 100-480°C
Gun Temperature range 100-480°C
Gun heater material Nickel-alloys
Gun heater resistance 90Ω
Soldering Iron Type Blue Handle
Soldering Iron Heater material imported high-power heater
Gun type Diaphragm pump  
Air flow 28L/min
QTY 4PCS/Outer box carton
Goods net weight. 5.13KG/PCS
Outer box size  56*34.5*42cm  

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