WEP 853D 5A-II Hot Air Soldering Iron with DC power supply 3 in 1 BGA rework station welding machine

Inner box size 33*27*20.2

Outer carton box size 56*34.5*42

Q'TY 4pcs/ctn

Goods net weight 3.56KG/PC

outer carton weight 15.24kg



1. Equipped with soldering iron, hot air, power supply and 5V 2A USB interface for charging during reair.

2. Designed with PID program-controlled temperature control technology for more stable working temperature.

3. Light weight for easy transportation

4. This model also equipped with the following user-friendly functions:

A.  Digital temperature correction function for more precise working temperature;

B.  Celsius/Fahrenheit display temperature conversion function;

C.  Soldering iron 0-99 minutes sleep function for saving energy;

D.  Hot air fan malfunction protection for safe operation;

F.  power supply part equipped with an over temperature protection function



Model: WEP 853D 5A-II

Power consumption: 920W

Measurement: L250xW190xH137mm ±5mm

Working environment: 0~50°C

Storage environment: -20-80°C

Hot Air Reworks

Power: 650W

Airflow type brushless fan gentle wind

Aiflow: ≤120L/min

Temperature range: 100°C-480°C

Temperature Stability: ±1°C

Soldering Iron

Power: 60W

Temperature range: 200°C-480°C

Temperature Stability: ±1°C

Tip of ground voltage: <2mV

Tip ground impedance: <2 ohm

Iron heater material:  high-power heater

Iron handle color: blue

Outer Q’TY: 4PCS /CTN

DC Power Supply

Output power: 150W

USB output power: 10W

Output Voltage: DC 0~30V

Output Current: 0~5 adjustable

Load stability: <0.01±2mv

Temperature coefficient: <300ppm/°C

Ripple dB: <1mvrms(virtual value)

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