Hot Air Desoldering Gun Soldering Station with DC Power Supply 3 in 1 BGA Rework Machine WEP 853D+5A

Inner box size 33*27*20.2cm

Outer carton box size 56*34.5*42

Q'TY 4pcs/ctn

Goods net weight 7.3KG/PC

outer carton weight 30.1kg


1, Temperature controlled part of the master core technologies, use SAMSUNG microcontroller chip PID program, high speed 100ms cycle real time tracking of the wind gun outlet temperature and the temperature of the iron tips, and real time correction. The temperature is high stability.

2.PID rapid correction of the high speed 100ms temperature, high energy efficiency conversion, at a constant temperature state power consumption much lower than similar machines, more energy efficient!

3.Iron handle line also use the high temperature silicone cable(soldering tips of 300 degrees touch silicone line 30s without damage), the heating element use Imported heater, high power, fast temperature compensation, except for general solder joint desoldering also particularly suitable for desoldering crude terminal, solder joints, miscellaneous difficult solder joints.

4.Air gun handle lines with high temperature silicone line, mute brushless fan, stainless steel tube, latest technology ceramic skeleton heater, stability and reliability high.

5.The highest security, the original the ABS fan antilock function, when the fan abnormal stop working stability out of control, the system immediately cut off the air gun power, user of security and environmental safety.

6.Inside initiate air gun handle safe protection, the circular telegram start up at every time , the handle must  put up on the air gun frame , then the machine will begin working regularly. If not put the handle on air gun frame,the main unit can not safety directs, therefore the machine will not work. It's purpose is to effective prevention of air gun in unknown circumstances on hold in other parts of fire or other accidents.


Technical data

Model: WEP 853D+ 5A

Power consumption: ≤1000W

Measurement: 214*187*249MM

Working environment: 0~50°C

Storage environment: -20-80°C

Hot Air Reworks

Airflow type brushless fan gentle wind

Aiflow: ≤120L/min

Temperature range: 100°C-480°C

Temperature Stability: ±1°C

Display Type: LED Display

Soldering Iron

Temperature range: 200°C-480°C

Temperature Stability: ±1°C

Tip of ground voltage: <2mv<>

Tip ground impedance: <2 ohm

Display Type: LED Display

Iron heater material: Imported high-power heater

Iron handle color: blue

Outer Q’TY: 4PCS /CTN

DC Power Supply

Output Voltage: DC 0~30V

Output Current: 0~5 adjustable

Load stability: <0.01±2mv<>

Temperature coefficient: <300ppm/°C

Ripple dB: <1mvrms(virtual value)

Display Type: LED Display

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