Yihua 3005D-II Dual Adjustable DC Power Supply

Machine :1

Manual :1

Power Cable :1

Inner box size                    46*34.5*23.5CM

Outer carton box size        47*35*24.5CM

Q'TY                                  1PCS/CTN

Goods net weight              10.82KG/PC

Outer carton weight           10.82KG


1.Independent Operations Mode ,it means the machine have 2 groups 30V 5A output voltage and current.2.Series Tracking Mode,it means the machine max output voltage is 60V ,the max output current is 5A.

2.Parallel Tracking Mode ,it means the max output voltage value is 30V,the output current is 10A.

3.The device has Fixed output,"SER" mode ,can set fixed output,(the voltage fixed output value is 2.5V,3.3V,5V)

4.It features 3 positive and negative output voltage and current values. The 3 outputs can work simultaneously.

5.4digit display for accurate displaying of current values,precise to mA value,the machine is built with SMT manufacturing and the latest technology.

Ⅰ,Ⅱ Channel II Independent Mode
Output Voltage
Continuously adjustable between 0-30V

Output Current  

Continuously adjustable between 0-5A
Power EffectCV≤0.01%+1mV   CC≤0.2%+1mA
Load Effect

CV≤0.01%+5mV (I≤3A)    CC≤0.2%+5mA (I≤3A)

CV≤0.01%+7mV (I>3A)     CC≤0.2%+10mA (I>3A)

Ripple Noise(5Hz-1MHz)

CV≤0.5mVrms (I≤3A)  CC≤3mArms (I≤3A)

CV≤1mVrms (I>3A)    CC≤5mArms (I>3A)  

Voltage Accuracy
±0.5%rdg+2 characters
Voltage Accuracy
±0.5%rdg+2 characters
Display Resolution
±0.5%rdg+2 characters
Channel III Output Characteristics
Rated Output Voltage
Rated Output Current
Power Effect

Load Effect

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