WEP 853AAA+ 3 in 1 digital SMD soldering desoldering hot air gun preheat BGA rework station

Inner box size  32*22*27CM

Outer carton box size  73*40*39cm

Q'TY  4pcs/ctn

Goods net weight  5.6KG/PC

outer carton weight  23.41kg


1. Featuring Celsius / Fahrenheit temperature display function

Meet different market needs to design the temperature display mode, the temperature display function can be set to display either Celsius or Fahrenheit ,depending on local practices.

2.Features +-80℃ temperature compensation function.Temperature and display errors caused by environmental effects or replacement of parts including heating core and soldering iron tips can be corrected by using this function.

3.There are three sections of storage function,it can store different parameters ,easy to choose and easy to operate.

4.The product has an operating time function ,enabling users to check the product's operating time.

5.The soldering iron has a ten minute fixed sleeping function .If the soldeirng iron is not in use and has been in a stationary state for ten minutes ,the temperature of the soldering iron will be automatically cooled to 200℃ and the soldering iron shall enter sleep mode ,preventing the oxidization of the soldering iron tip,both extending the lifespan of the soldering iron tip and saving energy.

6.The air gun has no wind protection function ,if use a heat gun is not normal in the process of stop the wind ,the heating wire to stop heating ,and the prevention of the no wind burning handle ,so as to greatly improve the safety performance of the product.


VOLTAGE RANGEAC 220V~240V,50Hz / AC 100V~125V,60Hz
Outline dimensions
L320xW220xH270mm ±5mm
Working environment
Storage environment
Storage humidity
Preheating station

Temperature range
Temperature stability
±2°C (static state)
Display form
Area of Preheat Plate
Air gun part

Airflow type
Brushless fan with soft wind
Fan air flow
Temperature range
Display mode
Temperature stability
±1°C (static state)
handle length
Soldering iron part

Temperature range
Display mode
Temperature stability
±1°C (static state)
Soldering iron tip over the ground resistance
Soldering iron tip over the ground voltage
Handle length

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