Yihua 08C High Quality Soldering Iron Tips Cleaning Ball, Rosin Contaning

High quality cleaning ball
1. Function
Cleaning ball used for cleaning iron tips, because of long time use and oxidation lead to iron tips with tin residue and black rosin residue, put it into tips cleaning ball take a turn, it will become clean.
2. Material
Cleaning ball uese the best copper, becase the pure copper ia very easy to plate on tin and do no harm to iron tips. The common copper material is hard, will damage iron tips and can not plate on tin.
3. Cleaning principle
Use pure copper wire, make it rolls of thinner slice, put iron tips into the slice will remove the tin residue.
4. Advantage
Protect the iron tips from becoming black, after cleaning black iron tips become shine to prolong iron tips life, copper wire cleaning ball no need water, won't low tips temperature, can replace sponge, is good helper for lead- free iron tips. Iron tips cleaning ball is better than traditional cleaning sponge, because it't not contain water, can hold iron tips heat energy and avoid heat shock to reduce iron tips damage.Rosin is good to solder circuit. It can remove soldering iron tips oxidation film to prevent oxide and reduce iron surface tension, remove oxidation quickly.
ron tips cleaner, can effectively remove oxidation on iron tips.
1. Because of long time use, oxidation lead to tin residue and black rosin residue on the tips, reduce the tips heat, make the solder be more hard.
2. After take a turn, take the tips wipe on the copper ball, wipe out the oxidation. The ball Make up by pure copper wire, it will not do harm to iron tips.
3.Using cleaner ball clean the tips renew, this time plate a layer of tin on the tips, can continue to use or cooling to storage.

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