YIHUA938BD+-I 2 in 1 mobile phone laptop repair SMD BGA rework soldering station

1. Machine x1

2. Soldering iron x1

3. Hot air gun x1

4. Bakelite iron holder x1

5. 08B tips cleaner x1

6. Solder wire standard x1

7. Cleaning tank

8. Nozzles x3

9. Manual x1


1. Application of PID programmable temperature control technology, applied the most high-end precision PID program, the machine can track the actual temperature of the soldering station in the high speed, and correct the temperature. The temperature compensation speed is fast, and the deviation is small.

2. With hot air gun and soldering station function.

3. Anti static design, protecting components from being damaged by static electricity or leakage

4. The machine design has the following humanization features.

A. Digital temperature correction function:

When the temperature appears deviation because of environmental impact or replacing the spare parts such as heating element, soldering iron, you can use this function to correct.

B. Celsius / Fahrenheit Temperature Display Function:

The temperature display mode designed to meet the needs of different regions of the market and it can be selected according to your customary interests.

C. Sleep function:

The soldering iron automatically detects when it is unattended and not in use,pauses for 10mins sleep mode, and automatically cools to 200°C. It will then enter sleep mode to prevent soldering iron oxidation and effectively extend soldering iron head service life while retaining energy savings and environmental protection.

D. Protection function for air gun fan malfunction: at the process of using the air gun, the air gun features shutoff protection functionality that automatically turns off the heating element when the fan is stopped to protect handle and ensure safe operation.

5.the soldering iron holder is Bakelite iron holder ,even if over 300 degree on the iron holder,also is no problems,and the iron holder have 08Btips cleaner ,it's very convernience for clean the tips, and the iron holder have solder wire standard on the iron holder back top, this way can save space ,also have 5 holes on the holder ,can used for put soldering iron tips,it's can easy find the things; There is a silicone gasket in the cleaning tank where the cleaning sponge is placed. When the soldering iron tip has tin dross, clean it in the cleaning tank and shake it, it can protect the soldering iron handle inside heater ,not easy to shake broke.

Machine parameter
Total Power
Operating Environment
0~40℃ Relative humidity<80%
Storage temperature
-20~80℃  Relative humidity<80%
Performance Parameter
Hot air gun
Soldering iron
Operating Voltage
AC 220V±10%  50Hz
AC 26V±10%  50Hz
Output power
temperature range
Air Supply Mode
Brushless-Motor Fan
Temperature stability
±2℃ (static)
±2℃ (static)
Display Mode
Calibration Mode

PID Digitally

Programmed Calibration

PID Digitally

Programmed Calibration

Temperature correction

PID digital program


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